Bulandshahr Gang Rape Video and Victims

There can’t be more horrific incident for a mother who is being raped and seeing her 13 year old daughter is also getting raped by 5 men. The humanity dies hundred times in Bulandshahr. That incident also showed the world the real face of Akhilesh Yadav government. These types of incidents were happening around the national highway that passes through Bulandshahr, but the administration was not taking any strict action.

It should be noted that the same Salim Bawaria gang which had done this inhuman thing was also involved in many rapes. Victims were just not reporting the crime fearing social stigma.

Bulandshahr Gang Rape Video

It is even more sickening to learn that rape videos are widely available in many cities of Uttar Pradesh. It is said that not only this gang rape, but videos are made of many other rapes also. This gang rape had happened in the dark night and hence it is very unlikely that the said video is the same. But, the fact remains that the tendency of people to get sexual pleasure is crossing all barrier of immorality.

How can one justify watching gang rape video? One should immediately bring this fact to the notice of the concerned authority.

But that is obviously not happening in the largest state of India. Rape victims are being targeted by these types of videos which are also uploaded on the Internet for short time.

It is quite unfortunate to see that our society is continuously going in the wrong direction. It’s high time when we raise our voices against this type of incidents.

Rape videos are being sold in Agra and other cities of Uttar Pradesh for as low as Rs. 50. The police administration is not giving any heed to these types of insane crimes being done in the day light.

It is even more shocking to learn that politicians are not raising voice against such a serious issue. For them, milking the name of victim is all that matters. Whether it is Azam Khan or some local BJP leaders, they are all trying to create waves in their favor without giving a thought to the plight of that mother and her teen daughter.


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