Is Zakir Naik a Terrorist?

National Investigation Agency (NIA) has recently arrested few young Islamic State (IS) sympathizers from Hyderabad. These well-educated youngsters were followers of Zakir Naik, a self proclaimed Muslim preacher. It became even more disturbing when Bangladeshi agencies found that terrorists who had attacked a backery and brutally killed 20 people, including an Indian girl, were also Zakir Naik followers – well, not all of them.

If you can arrest a sympathizer of a terrorist organization, what about the person who is silently and shrewdly guiding them?

Many people still find it tough to believe that an engineer or a doctor or an MBA degree holder can become a terrorist. If you are also among them, you need to watch few videos of Zakir Naik. This man is endowed with wealth of Islamic Knowledge. Generally, he preaches about the right way of life as per Sharia. But, in between, he also guides followers about the rationality of becoming a suicide bomber.

He is a master of deceit. At first glance, he doesn’t seem to be in a profession of ‘mind washing’ youngsters. But, he does what he wanted to do. After Bangladesh attack, he condemned IS. Isn’t it amazing? He is now aware that Indians, particularly Indian Muslims, have started to get an inkling about his real plan.

Remember, IS has killed more than 200 thousands of Muslims and made millions of them refugee. If you think IS is fighting for the cause of Muslims, you are just naïve or you are under the impression of people like Zakir Naik.

Profile of Zakir Naik

Zakir was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He was a brilliant student from school days and always performed tremendously. After completing schooling, he did MBBS. During this time, he came into contact with some Islamic preacher. He went to Saudi Arabia and returned with lots of plan about starting his own business. He founded Islamic Research Foundation and Peace TV. He is really a powerful orator and majority of his speeches are replete with wisdom. He teaches the ‘right way’ of following Islam. His sermons during Id are most sought after. However, in between these sermons, he somewhere mixes toxin of terror.

Zakir Naik and His Islamic Propaganda

It is quite pathetic to see that a person is openly justifying terror attacks. In fact, he justifies suicide bombing. He is doing all this on Peace TV which is being telecast throughout the Indian subcontinent. Here is the video:

You will be surprised to know that this Zakir Naik has been barred from entering the UK and Canada.

Zakir Naik is propagating radical Islam in a benign way. He is soft spoken and quite convincing. His followers include Shah Rukh Khan, Barkha Dutt and Shekhar Gupta, among many youngsters who are being groomed for becoming a suicide bomber.

It may not be legally tenable to term him a terrorist. But, it will be prudent on the part of the Indian government to ban him. There will be protest, like intolerance debate, but criticism of anti nationals can be taken for the sake of the country.


  1. Please see the video objectively and not already having made up your mind that Zakir Naik is supporting "suicide bombing". He is talking about "committing suicide" not "suicide bombing". If you want to know more about the person and his work go to his official sites, listen to his authentic speeches and lectures, not read about what others write about him.

    1. Are you one of his disciples or just an opponent of any good sense?

  2. You are right about not advocating suicide bombing. It is also right that Islam is described as Religion of Peace. But he is BIGOT. Like in all religions Bigotry is its own enemy. For Islam too. NIA is not the enemy . ZN is. Can he do better? Immensely . With his wisdom (as opposed to Knowledge).He can contribute and should do so positively by taking side of Humanity and not a particular Narrative. Ghandhi did it. Always willing to learn from mistakes. Finally every religion has to change and move forward. It has to keep polishing itself . The core values remain same . The core values in all religions hovers around Humaneness and peace and universal brotherhood.The inconsistencies are there in all religions.In Hinduism(not a religion ) plenty of Rituals and Rites are down right idiotic.But these are willingly embraced and not imposed and no Sharia. Also reformrs and reformation are working overtime to convince society to eschew these Resource wasting , Environment Polluting PRACTICES.But ZN should similarly address Triple Talaq and Polygamy. Across religions.I am open for all criticisms and corrections and debates.

  3. He is known aggressive Muslim


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