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रहिमन डिग्री राखिये, माथे पे चिपकाए।ना जानें किस मोड़ पर केजरीवाल मिल जाए।।

It is rightly said that if you fight with a pig, both will get dirty but pig will enjoy the fight without getting any harm as its skin is quite thick and it loves getting entrenched in dirty water. BJP supporters are not happy with terse reply given by top brasses of the party to Arvind Kejriwal about PM’s qualification. BJP says that they had to respond because the unfortunate malicious campaign which was based on falsehood was bringing bad name to the nation.

Just like a pig, AAP resorted to PM’s educational documents and called it forge. Please note that previously they were calling it fake and saying that Modi had never been to DU. Now, they are calling it forged documents. One who understands little bit of English is wondering how a single document can be both fake and forge at the same time. But, logic has nothing to do with AAP. They are now claiming three stuffs to vindicate their slanderous claims:

1.     The year printed on the mark sheet and degree is different.
2.     The name is slightly different in BA and MA – difference of Kumar.
3.     Modi certificate for MA shows Entire Political Science.

Journalists told Ashutosh on the face that degree is always given in the next year and it is a general practice throughout India. Stunned Ashutosh just told that you people are with the BJP agenda. He forgot that the nation can’t be fooled for long. AAP took notice of this general fact and started to water down it.

Their second claim about name is also ridiculous. Many South Indian people told them about this problem of their name. Moreover, Bihari students have always had this problem where their matriculation certificate shows Kumar while later certificates shows caste related surnames like Singh, Yadav, etc. Further, it was noticed that Kejriwal has two different names in his election roll and in his PAN card. AAP got another shocker. They can’t claims that Kejriwal has the same name as both of these facts can be checked by anyone online. I am not giving any link. You get date of birth of Arvind Kejriwal from AAP website and enter details in the official website to get PAN information. You will find Arvind Kumar Kejriwal as his name. AAP has also learnt this fact and hence it is no longer sobbing about KUMAR in DU degree of Modi.

Now, their third propaganda has become the main point of allegations. Idiots in them are not able to see that Entire Political Science used to be a popular degree during 1970s and 80s. The Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University has also tried to clear the air regarding this. In fact, it is also awarded in the Magadh University, Bodh Gaya of Bihar.

What is Entire Political Science Course?

It is about completing entire MA course where the candidate/student has taken only political science. The candidate has not taken any allied subject and has taken all 8 papers related to Political Science. That is why it is called Entire Political Science. 

Now, many universities have stopped this course, but you can’t blame Modi for the same.

Gujarat University has uploaded the mark sheet of Narendra Modi on its official website. You can see 'Entire Political Science' mentioned in the mark sheet. Following link will take you to the concerned website:



  1. Pl tell the Gujrat University to have a .edu domain instead of .org.in domain.

  2. Pl tell the Gujrat University to have a .edu domain instead of .org.in domain.

  3. Eight papers of political sciences subject....... there is no S. So, Gujarat university vice chancellor should be sent back to school to learn english grammar


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