Caste of Ram Nath Kovind

The choice of Ram Nath Kovind by Narendra Modi for NDA candidate in the election for the President of India has shocked everyone. No one had expected him to be named. His name was not find in the long list of probable enumerated by various journalists. Modi and Shah again checkmated India media by this strange choice.

The caste of Ram Nath Kovind obviously played a big role. However, there are many other factors which come into the picture. He has already proved his mettle by working with a powerful opposition leader – Nitish Kumar – in a very cordial manner. It should be noted that Nitish Kumar had opposed his appointment as the Governor of Bihar, but later found him a very learned person who can go to any length to follow constitutionalism.

Caste of Ram Nath Kovind

Ram Nath Kovind is a dalit / Scheduled Caste. It is a well-known fact. However, people want to know about his exact caste and, further, if that was also a part of the reason behind his choice.

Ram Nath Kovind belongs to Koli caste. It is also known as Kori. He was born in Kanpur Dehat where sizeable number of Kori can be found. There is lots of confusion about Koli and Kori. UP SC Act refers it as Kori while the term Koli is mainly used in the media. Taking Koli and Kori as synonym, the real reason behind the selection of Kovind as NDA Presidential candidate emerges.

Koli is SC in UP and Uttaranchal. However, in other states, it is OBC. The most surprising fact is Gujarat where Koli is an OBC caste. The total vote count of Koli in Gujarat is 14% - which is only second to Patidar. If opposition parties were pinning hope on disenchantment among Patidars/Patels from BJP, they may find another reason to get headache; that is Ram Nath Kovind.

Ram Nath Kovind as the President will surely help BJP electorally in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It will also help it gain Dalit votes in UP. And, it will also give BJP leaders to woo Dalit votes throughout India.

It must be noted here that Ram Nath Kovind was also once the President of All India Koli Samaj.

Nandini KR: Family and Educational Details

Vijayalakshi Bidari was the topper of UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2001. She was from Karnataka. The state has to wait for 16 long years to produce another topper in the most prestigious competitive examination of India. Nandini KR brought cheers to the state with her stupendous success at the highest level.

She is a Kannadiga girl hailing from the famous Kolar district of Karnataka. She was born Kembodi village and was raised from there. Hence, it is heartening to note that youngsters from very humble background are emerging as topper in the IAS examination. She also took Kannda literature as her optional which is another break from a sort of tradition.

Family Details of Nandini KR

As mentioned above, Nandini belongs to a very humble family. Her father Mr. Ramesh KR is an Assistant School Master at Mudiwadi (Kolar district). Even with very low salary, Ramesh never hesitated in providing the best possible education to his children. Nandini mother is a homemaker.

Nandini has one brother named Thorun Patel. He is 24 years. It is unknown why the family decided to give a surname like Patel to him. Thorun is also aspiring to become an IAS officer. Currently, he is pursuing Post Graduation from the prestigious Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi.

Apart from them, there is no other in the family of Nandidi KR. She is currently single and is not looking for being involved in any sort of committed relationship.

Educational Details of Nandini KR

Nandini did schooling from Thimmaiah Vidyalaya, a Karnataka Government aided school located in the Kolar district. It must be noted that this is a Kannada medium school.

Nandini did pre University course from Alva College, Dakshina Kannada. This course introduced her to the world of English language and she was ready to study engineering with English medium.

Nandini took admission in M S Ramaiyah Institute of Technology, Bengaluru and has completed B. Tech with Civil Engineering.

Before becoming IRS, and now IAS, she had also worked with the PWD department of Karnataka Government as an Assistant Engineer.

Gopalkrishna Ronanki, IAS: Profile, Family, Age, Caste and Girlfriend

Gopalkrishna Ronanki is one of the most inspiring success stories of UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2016 successful candidate list. The way he fought all odds to shine when it matters will become in his home district Srikakulam, a rather backward area of Andhra Pradesh. It is also a matter of great pride for people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana that Ronanki appeared in the exam with Telugu Literature as his optional subject in the written Mains examination. His medium for Mains was also Telugu. He along with the topper Nandini (who appeared with Kannada Literature) have successfully broken the hegemony of English language in UPSC IAS examination.

Profile of Gopalkrishna Ronanki

Gopalkrishna Ronanki was born in 1987 in Parasamba village of Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. His father Ronanki Appa Rao is a farmer with very small land holding. He grew like the child of every small farmer family – always fighting scarcity. He studied from Government school in his village.

After schooling, Ronanki took admission in a college in Vishakhapatnam for B. Pharma. Later, he went to the prestigious NIPER, Mohali (Chandigarh) for MBA. He joined a pharmaceutical company in Andhra Pradesh which improved the financial condition of his family. At this point, his heart asked for more. Ronanki plunged into the preparation for Civil Services. It was necessary for him to quit job which he did ignoring the hardship it may cause.

Ronanki didn’t take any coaching classes for Preliminary Examination as well as Written Mains Examination.

However, he joined Brain Tree India Coaching Institute in Hyderabad for Interview preparation. He did some mock tests which surprised even the director. After the final mock test, the director advised him to just maintain the focus as he is going to be among top rankers.

Family and Girlfriend of Gopalkrishna Ronanki

Gopalkrishna Ronanki’s father is still a farmer. His mother is a homemaker. The family has very small landholdings. The personal life of Ronanki is not on the public forum. We don’t know whether he is married or single or in a committed relationship.

Saumya Pandey, IAS: Profile, Family, Age and Boyfriend

Saumya Pandey has given pleasant surprise to everyone with her scintillating performance in the UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2016. With All India Rank four, she is all set to pursue her dream of being an IAS officer. Allahabad, which was once a hub for IAS preparation, again comes to limelight thanks to Saumya Pandey who didn’t go to Delhi and stayed at her home in the holy city.

Profile of Saumya Pandey

Saumya was born and brought up in Allahabad. Her mother Dr. Sadhana Pandey is a renowned gynecologist while her father Dr. Ravi Pandey runs a computer institute in Allahabad. She is the only child of her parents. She did schooling from St. Mary’s Convent. She had a dream of studying in the prestigious Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. She never thought of going to any IIT. Her desire to stay with parents finally resulted in credible performance in AIEEE examination. She took admission in MNNIT in 2011 and completed B. Tech in 2015 with Electrical Engineering. While doing engineering, she started to dream about becoming an IAS officer. She has always been a brilliant student. Her parents never interfered in her career choice and they let her prepare for Civil Services rather than joining MNC with fat salary.

Saumya Pandey joined Dhyey IAS Coaching Institute and started preparation. With dedication, determination and right direction, she is able to sail through all three barriers of UPSC Civil Services Examination.

Saumya has given Uttar Pradesh as her first choice for cadre. The cadre allocation is based on rooster policy which is highly unpredictable. Having good rank may not lead to home cadre. Tina Dabi had given Haryana as her first choice, but got Rajasthan. Same thing happened with Ira Singhal. It will be interesting to see whether Saumya gets home cadre or not.

Saumya Pandey is a Brahmin by caste. The topper Nandini KR is an OBC.

Boyfriend of Saumya Pandey

Saumya Pandey is not the usual girl you will find. She has never been in any committed sort of relationship despite being an extrovert. She had many proposals. Her entire focus was on her career. She is a keen follower of Art of Living (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar).

Nandini KR, IAS Topper: Profile, Family, Caste and Boyfriend

UPSC has declared result for Civil Services Examination, 2016. The result has no surprises as far as the gender of the topper is concerned. Glass ceiling effect is no more for women in the Civil Services, it has become for men. This time also, a woman has topped the CSE. She is Nandini KR.

The Kolar Gold Fields of Karnataka has produced a gold which sparkled on 31st May, 2016. Nandini, a resident of this Kolar field, has brought glory to the area.
This is a nostalgic moment for Karnataka. It took so long, though. Vijayalakshi Bidari had topped the Civil Services Examination 16 years back.

Profile of Nandini KR

Nandini KR was born and brought up in the Kolar Gold Field (Kembodi village) of Karnataka. Her father Mr. Ramesh is a Government teacher. She has one brother named Thorun Patell who is doing PG at Indian Institute of Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi. She did schooling from St. Joseph Convent Girls High School. She had decided to become an IAS officer during her school days itself. It was natural for her to not look for private job after engineering and rather start preparation for Civil Services. In between, she had also worked for Karnataka PWD department as an engineer. It should be noted that Nandini has done B. Tech (Civil Engineering) from prestigious M S Ramaiya Engineering College, Bangalore. This is also the first time that a topper has emerged from a private engineering college - a tight slap for IITs.

Nandini cracked Civil Services Examination in her third attempt in   CSE 2015. However, her rank was not good enough and she was allotted Indian Revenue Services (IRS). She joined IRS without compromising with her preparation. This year she appeared with better preparation and the result justifies her hard work.
By caste, Nandini KR is an OBC. She took Kannada literature as her optional subject for Civil Services Mains Examination. Nandini had taken admission in Vajiram and Ravi for General Studies (and, later for Interview preparation).

Nandini KR became topper in her fourth attempt.

Family, Boyfriend and Husband of Nandini KR

Nandini was in relationship during her engineering days with a guy from Bihar. Later, they broke apart because of some unknown reasons. Currently, Nandini is single.

UPSC Marks of Nandini KR

Nandini has got far much fewer marks than what Tina Dabi had got in 2016. She could secure only 55.3 % of total marks in Mains. Her marks is a testimony of the fact that UPSC really adopts tough standard in conducting Civil Services Examination. In all, Nandini has got 1120 marks (927 in Written Mains Examination and 193 in Interview).