Baba Ramdev Died in Pune Car Accident

There has been a car accident near Pune on 25th April, 2017. This accident cut short the life of maverick Yoga Guru Shri Baba Ramdev. Yes, Baba Ramdev is dead. 

Well, keep calm. The above message is similar to that of what you have read recently on WhatsApp. Keep your nerve as this message is false.

Social Media messaging services like WhatsApp has become the favorite hunting ground for people looking for spawning rumors in India. There are many cases where false messages have become viral. Gullible people started to believe these messages as true.

If you take a look on above images - which are being attached with that particular message - you will find that the Scorpio is having Bihar registration number. The second image is quite old and a simple image search on Google can give you relevant result. There is not a modicum of truth in the message getting viral.

Baba Ramdev is healthy and chilling in Haridwar.

The viral message about his death is false and being forwarded without knowing the truth.

Acharya Balakrishna has also come forward and took Facebook to let his followers know the exact health status of Baba Ramdev. He said that Baba is healthy and currently taking a Yoga Seminar in Haridwar. He has also posted one photograph of the seminar in the same post. However, there is no way to know that the photo of the seminar is of which date.

This is not the first time when rumor about Baba Ramdev death has become viral. For some unknown and strange reasons, Baba Ramdev has been a prime target for rumor mongers. People who don’t like his ideology want him dead. That is why they keep on messaging about his death. Not long ago, during the heat of demonetization, the same rumor was going viral over Whatsapp and Facebook that Baba Ramdev is dead. A two years old photo of an ill Baba was taken to give credence to the rumor.

If you have also got a message where it is being claimed that Baba Ramdev is dead in a car accident near Pune, then ignore the message. That is absolutely false.

Baba Ramdev is alive!

Love Live Baba Ramdev!